Cómo Levantar Cuenta De Plaquetas | Tratamiento De La Trombocitopenia

Question: I have been diagnosed with a low platelet count. It is 83,000, but I’m perfectly fine. I do all my day’s work and feel bit fatigued by the end of the day.  My

  • Mean platelet volume is 9.9
  • RBC is 5.71
  • Hemoglobin is 17.7
  • Total WBC – 9400
  • Polymorphs-55%
  • Lymphocytes-30%
  • Eosinophilis-8%

Can you please suggest a treatment?


Platelets are a constituent of the blood and promote clotting of blood, which is essential for hemostatis and prevents undue blood loss following trauma or injury.

Ideal platelet count ranges from 150,000 to 450,000 platelets per microlitre of blood. If the platelet count falls below 150,000 it is referred to as Thrombocytopenia (i.

e. low platelet count).  There are several causes of thrombocytopenia some of the common causes include,

  • Aplastic or Megaloblastic Anemia
  • Chronic Alcoholism
  • Viral infection or sepsis
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Immune disorders
  • Hematological malignancies
  • Chemotherapy

There is no serious risk of bleeding until the platelet count falls very low to 10000 to 20000 platelets per microlitre. Occasionally bleeding is observed with a count less than 50,000 platelets per microlitre. The duration of thrombocytopenia will depend upon the cause and may range from a few days to years.

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